Nelson Kite Day 16th till the 18th of January 2015
This amazing kite festval will be at Neale Park in Nelson from
Friday the 16th untill the18th of January.

Brighton Beach Kite Day 24th till the 25th of January 2015
This glorious kite festval will be on Brighton Beach in Christchurch from
Saturday the 24th untill the25th of January.

Flight for Life Kite Day 31st Jan till 1st of February 2015
This stunning kite festval will be at Hood Lake in Ashburton 31st January till the1st February.
NAKI NUTBUSTER. 31st January, 1st Feb.
Low tides 2.27 31st, 3.18 1st.
Base camp will be Fitzroy beach and Camp ground. 10 am Saturday briefing. We will most likely ride at Fitzroy. However if conditions allow we will venture around the coast for some adventure riding!...
As usual stupid games and races will be abound.
Hawian shirt is compulsory.
Attendees can ride without a hawian shirt however they will be mocked heavily!......

Blue Balls Buggy Bash . 13th and 14th of June
Base camp will be the 3748'5.73"S 17451'47.02"E camp ground.
And we will meet in the
3748'20.68"S 17450'27.41"E car park.
Low tides
12:50pm 13th
1:15 pm 14 th.

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