Kiteworks is a kite shop specialising in all kinds of kites .This includes childrens kites, Stunt kites, Power kites, Buggys and Buggy kites, Snow kites, mountain boards, kitesurfing kites and kitesurf boards. I also can do kite repairs and carry parts for making kites ie. carbon and fiberglass rods, Spectra and Dacron string, kite fabric and all kinds of connectors. I have kite books and kiting DVD's, wind meters and even juggling stuff.
I Stock Peter Lynn Kites and Buggys,Kheo Mountain boards, Dakine Harnesses,Pro Limit Harnesses, Flexifoil kites, Naish kites boards and Harnesses, Prism kites, Underground boards, Dekay Boards,HQ Kites, Go Fly a Kite kites,Sky Dog Kites, Aerobee,Diabolo, Rainbow flight windsox,fire Poi, fire staff and Poi.

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